Mint On A Pillow

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I GET feelings

Every step
Every breath
Every little thing

Me -
Inside Out
Outside In -
Still me

Fall apart, Pull together
Still me.

Every area of your life like breathing.

Stop thinking about how your gonna make it

stop thinking about how you’re gonna have enough money

And open up to being.

open up to its Here. Now.

Open up to, “I got it. No let it shine”

Stop thinking.

You don’t think through or pray to breathe or release enzymes for your pancreas - it just happens - it’s already done. Like everything else in your life

Now we celebrate, because like breathing and lungs and digestion its already done

“I get better looking every day, I can’t wait till tomorrow” - Joe Namathe

I get better and better everyday, I can’t wait till tomorrow

Putting your attention on what you do want.


(without judgement see it)



Like a pre furnished home

Articulation Of The Hearts

I come to knowing that I am enough.

We can not face the wrongs of the world with anger. The law of the universe makes it so; anger perpetuates. We must Be in it with a heart full of compassion, love, peace.

Activism without vision is simply perpetuating the issue.



It doesn’t matter how good you sound, words without heart, fall short. We need an articulation of the heart.  

Turn off the TV. Get the news from the Artist, the Mystics. Unplug from Buzzfeed and Huffpost. Get the truth from the dancers and poets. Opt out of the sugar filled lie. Delete that time sucking app. Opt out of the killing of innocent people and discover what your life is really about.

Everyone has their gift.

Stronger, Brighter, Lighter, Positive.

We don’t have to show it, just Feel it.

That’s our only job - remain in that space.

Not here to Fix, here to provide.

Here to embody Joy,a positive experience in the Here and Now.

Count to 4


or 5


& Smile (It takes a moment)…..

The answer will come……..

Stronger, Brighter, Lighter, Positive.

Stronger, Brighter, Lighter, Positive.

Stronger, Brighter, Lighter, Positive.

I thought of it every time I closed my eyes

And when I opened them I had nothing 

And so this went

On repeat

Over & over again 

until the only thing that made sense was to stop chasing something I couldn’t hold

to go with what I had

What was 

This Is Our Moment



We have done exactly what we were supposed to do!

Now more than ever-

We have everything we need, Now

We have it all, Now

From this perfect place we EXPECT & are GRATEFUL for Miracles

we practice Gratitude

Miracles spring from our complete perfection in the Here & Now


We are the perpetual state of a miracle continually unveiling itself.

"I have all I need for more health, more love, more finances"

"I have all I need for my happy."

Nothing happens, nothing springs, no miracles, no healing, no god, no joy, no sanity, no prosperity when we are operating from: fear, worry, doubt, limitation, not enough

- The universe doesn’t support that!!

Love & Enough

- it can and WILL get behind that.

Prove me wrong!!!

I dare you.

Get up off your knees

and do some work.

No money, no better life, no six pack, no career, no nothing

unless you go get it.

Go get it.

I’m gonna go get it.

I hope to see you there.

"I don’t wake up everyday thinking how can I be more famous, I’m trying to be significant."

How does one explain themselves?

With each stroke, each chord her fingers melt a little more

It’s like melting a box of crayons over a Steinway 

(That shit will not come out).

Mouths wide open 

And ears bigger than they’ve ever been

Because every point is perfect

She’s leaving herself on the keys

She is giving all of herself .

Her Requiem:

"In a world you’ve grown

You must love it”